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  • A well-stocked First Aid Box from Garden Trading, kept within easy reach, is a necessity in every home.


    Finished in a Chalk colourway, the piece can not only administer relief to a patient but is also stylish too and is crafted from Powder Coated Steel, so it's durable, streamlined and can be stored easily on a shelf or within a cupboard.


    Lightweight and simplistic the box comprises a removable inner tray labelled with pills, plasters and bandages to ensure the essentials are kept in one place when a headache or grazed knee occurs. The lower tin can be filled with a wealth of items from creams, ointments, medicines and more.


    This First Aid Box is finished with the minimal Charcoal cross on one side for that finishing touch.

    Garden Trading First Aid Box

    SKU: GTFA0001
      • Garden Trading
      • Dimensions: H25 x W24 x D19cm 
      • Crafted in Powder Coated Steel 
      • Lift out inner tray labelled pills, plasters and bandages
    • Standard Shipping 1-3 days.  UK only.

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